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We intend our chiropractic office to be a special place where people in our community receive personalized health care in a friendly and warm environment. Our goal is that our patients experience an increase in their health and vitality. We are a cheerful, caring, effective, and dedicated team that provides chiropractic "health care" by creatively addressing health related issues, providing fast relief to those that suffer, along with a lifetime well patient care. Our goal is to improve the quality and potential of those lives we treat, therefore creating a healthier community and a better place for all to live.

Conditions commonly treated, but not limited to include back and neck pain, sports injuries, auto injuries, repetitive strains, arthritis, foot, wrist, hip pain, and sinus problems.

We Will Happily Provide A Courtesy Consultation To Enable You To Ask Questions About The Care We Provide.

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Initial Physical Examination…………….  
  • We do an in-depth consultation to best understand our new patient’s health concern(s).
  • A detailed physical examination is done of the area(s) of complaint along with the related muscle and joint systems including the spine and any related upper or lower extremity in order to best determine the underlying cause of the chief complaint(s).
  • If warranted x-rays will be taken.  
  • The consultation and physical examination require 60-90 minutes; once complete, Dr. Frank will discuss whether or not he is confident we can help. 
Treatment Options…………….
  • In addition to an “office visit” that is explained below, we have other services and products available that enhance and accelerate a patient’s response to care.  Treatment options are discussed in a “report of findings” visit which follows the initial physical examination. 
  • Patients have the option of paying for care as services are rendered or to purchase a personalized treatment package.
Office Visit…………….         
  • Brief assessment to determine areas of spine and/or extremities that warrant attention including joint and/or muscle concerns.
  • Specific adjustments to those joints that demonstrate performance malfunction.  
  • Hands on therapies to those muscles and tendons that warrant attention.  
Electric Stimulation…………….
  • The electric stimulation we use in the office is called interferential current.  It is safe, relaxing and most patients tell us that it calms them physically. 
  • Therapeutically, interferential electric stimulation can reduce taut muscle fibers, reduce edema and create physical relaxation.  The desired outcome determines the frequency and wave length used.
  • This modality is not a substitute for any adjustment.  It helps the body in its overall response to care.  
Graston Technique…………….
  • This “instrument assisted soft tissue technique” is a technique that accelerates the healing of both new and chronic injuries.  It can reduce inflammation and edema in new injuries and can reduce the buildup of scar tissue in chronic conditions such as recurring neck/back symptoms, rotator cuff, tennis elbow and plantar fascitis.
  • Heat is commonly applied prior to this treatment followed with specific stretching.
  • This therapy is done in conjunction with spinal and/or extremity adjustments.
  • To learn more please visit their website:
Kinesio Taping…………….   
  • The primary use of Kinesio Taping is to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain AND to physically assist muscles and joints in their function.
  • Unlike athletic taping, Kinesio Taping enhances function without restricting motion.
  • The Kinesio tape is latex free, colorful, can get wet and is effective for up to 5 days.
  • To learn more please visit their website:
Laser Therapy (Low Level Laser Therapy)…………….  
  • LLLT is a treatment modality utilizing a very narrow band of light which has a beneficial impact on weakened and injured tissue cells that includes muscle, tendon, cartilage, bone, nerves and the skin.  
  • It has been scientifically reported to be safe and effective.  It only affects injured cells; in other words there are no known beneficial effects to healthy cells.  It causes a photochemical reaction called biostimulation that enhances the “power generator” (called mitochondria) of each cell.  Increased power to injured cells accelerates their ability to heal when injured.
  • Not all LASERS are the same; in fact, without the proper wave length or the adequate volume of power, biostimulation at the injured site, called the target tissue, may not take place. 
  • We have available a LASER with the wave length of 910 nanometers that is “Super Pulsed” which is the ideal combination of factors to reach and help repair injured tissue.
Decompression Table……………. 
  • Physical pressure (compression) onto the spinal cord and spinal nerve roots occurs when there is a bulge or herniated spinal disc.  Disc injuries result in nerves becoming injured causing pain and other symptoms.  Healing of the injured nerves takes place when physical pressure is removed off the involved nerves. 
  • We have the most advanced Decompression Table.  This therapy is an effective AND gentle procedure that enhances the healing process.
  • In most cases patients benefit with electric stimulation prior to their treatment coupled with manual stretching AND some type of spinal and/or extremity adjustments.
  • Rehab-Coaching therapy is an integral component of treating someone with a disc problem.
Therapeutic Exercising (Rehab-Coaching)…………….    
  • Most patients that have joint aches/pains anywhere in their body have muscles that are malfunctioning.  This includes specific muscles working far more than they should (hypertonic muscles) that eventually become too taut or tight or shortened AND simultaneously other muscles become too weak.
  • If muscle imbalances are not addressed, a significant component of underlying problems will be left uncorrected.  Left uncorrected commonly impairs the overall healing process.
  • In our Rehab-Coaching, we work one-on-one with our patients in their instruction and coaching along with providing detailed handouts and website viewing in doing specific exercises to lengthen and relax taut/tight/shortened muscles and to strengthen those muscles that require strengthening.
  • We utilize low tech equipment i.e. using elastic bands (Thera-Band), gym balls and your own body weight.
  • To learn more please visit:  
Custom Made Orthotics……………. 
  • Structurally, an unstable platform will weaken the entire structure, the same holds true for our bodies. Patients with biomechanical changes to either or both feet can create secondary problems to other skeletal areas above the foot. 
  • Specifically, foot changes may not necessarily cause foot symptoms but may injure the knee, hip, pelvis, spine, etc. We use a computerized scanner to visualize the weight bearing distribution of each foot which is then electronically sent to the manufacturer to create the personalized shoe inserts (orthotics).
  • To learn more please visit their website:
  • There is no fee to have the feet analyzed using our state-or-the-art foot scanner; you will be able to observe on a computer screen if there are noticeable functional changes to one or both feet.
Functional Health Evaluation…………….
  • Would you like to know how well your body is functioning?  Is being healthy the absence of disease or the inclusion that your body is functioning as it should?  Would it interest you to improve the quality of your body function by taking specific nutritional supplements or by modifying your diet?
  • Completing a Comprehensive Health Questionnaire reveals mal-function to specific organs and organ systems.  By filling out this questionnaire, invaluable information is learned AND expensive testing is often times not required.
  • After the questionnaire is returned to the office, a graph is created revealing areas of concern in severity to specific organ and organ systems and specific recommendations will be provided.  The recommendations may include taking enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and/or changes to diet.
Nutritional Supplements & Durable Medical Goods…………….
  • Nutritional supplements can be used to treat specific ailments, they can assist the healing process and they can be used to provide greater assurance of one staying well.
  • Delicious medical foods are available to aid in weight loss and detoxification.
  • We have available for purchase assorted pillows, back supports, chair supports, etc.
  • It is good to know that we sell the finest products available.  The nutritional companies that we primarily represent include the following: Metagenics (, Xymogen (, Isagenix (, Juice Plus (


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