Frank Chiropractic Center with Custom Made Orthotics in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Chiropractic and Custom Made Orthotics by Foot Levelers at the Frank Chiropractic Center in Fort Lauderdale.

A truly custom made orthotic is based on a mold of your foot. This creates a stable platform for your entire body from the bottom up. Orthotics will especially help the most important and fragile part,  your spine. A stable platform is like a house of cards, if you build it with a strong base, you can build the house taller. Conversely an unstable platform will weaken an entire structure, the same holds true for our bodies. As it relates to chiropractic care, patients with biomechanical changes to a foot can create secondary problems to other skeletal areas above the foot. Specifically, changes to your feet or the way you walk may not cause foot symptoms but may injure the knee, hip, pelvis, or spine resulting in back and neck pain. That is why making sure your feet are well taken care of is so important. In our office we can either cast the foot or use a computerized scanner to manufacture personalized shoe inserts.

Experience the ultimate foot comfort with a pair of insoles made specifically for your feet at the Frank Chiropractic Center in Fort Lauderdale. While in the office you will use our custom orthotic selection tool to find your ideal fit and style.


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