Frank Chiropractic Center with Thera-Band Rehab in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Thera-Band Rehab in the Frank Chiropractic Center
The Thera-Band Rehab technique used by Dr. Harvey Frank, provides a “low tech” rehabilitation system in conjunction with other therapies for the treatment of neck and back pain and other soft tissue injuries. The doctor and staff work one-on-one with our patients, providing instruction and coaching in different exercises. By learning the correct way to perform these exercises, patients can continue the recovery at home. By doing specific exercises, patients will learn to correctly lengthen and strengthen those muscles that are mal-functioning associated with specific neck, back and extremity pain and soft tissue problems.
TheraBand™ resistance exercise systems are used as tools for rehabilitating and restoring muscle and joint functions and for improving conditioning, balance and building strength. TheraBand™ product lines include latex and latex-free bands, natural rubber tubing, exercise balls, hand exercisers, flexible bars, exercise mats, stability trainers, aquatic exercise products, specialized kits for athletes and enthusiasts, and paraffin heat therapy.
For more information and to learn more on how Thera-Band Rehab can help you with your neck and back pain and extremity pain, ask Dr. Frank on your next visit into the office or visit the website: